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Fairhaven Harbor, 800 Harris Street, Bellingham,WA. 60 units, mixed-use, multi-family over retail with underground parking.




Celt M. SchiraCelt

Celt started Schira Consulting in 2001 and has over 30 years of progressive experience in electrical engineering design of power, lighting, telecommunications, and renewable energy projects. She believes that initial professional electrical design saves clients money in construction, operations, maintenance and future building reuse. She has designed both new construction and remodels of commercial multi-story mixed-use buildings, health care facilities, light industrial campuses, schools, colleges, parks, and military facilities.

Todd J. MooreTodd

Todd began working as an electrical design technician at Schira Consulting in 2016 after finishing his B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology.  He’s used his CADD drafting skills on a variety of residential, commercial, light industrial, and municipal recreational projects. He believes that thoughtful electrical and lighting design make owners and users quality of life better. His background in academic debate and education has been surprisingly relevant to a variety of projects. 

Dustin Schmidt

Dustin began working at Schira Consulting in 2020 as an electrical design intern while pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. He finished his Electrical Engineering Associates Degree with a certification in Sustainability. He was an electronics bench technician in logistics and communications gear and had a focus in quality assurance. He also has experience in micro-manufacturing and laser engraving.

Katherine Roos

Katherine began working at Schira Consulting as an electrical design intern in 2020 while pursuing a Transfer Degree in Electrical Engineering. She came from a background of office management with experience as a legal assistant. These experiences increased her awareness of detail, adherance to tight deadlines, and organizational practices, which she has been able to utilize in her time with Schira Consulting and in her return to the pursuit of her engineering degree.

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